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Edinburgh Monarchs v Newcastle Diamonds
Friday 14th July 2017, 22:30 UK
The Sapphire EngineeringDiamonds ran Edinburgh close in last night's SGB Championship match, but misfortune and falls conspired to take a deserved victory away from the Tyneside squad.
Edinburgh "Parsons Peebles Monarchs" 49
Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 41
SGB Championship

On their last visit to the Edinburgh Monarchs, the Newcastle Diamonds went down unexpectedly heavily, 53-29, at a track the Tynesiders have usually done well at so arrived at the Lothian Arena keen to make amends.

Early on, on a damp track thanks to early rain, the Diamonds got off to a storming start, taking Heat One 2-4 as a brilliant Lambert overshadowed home number one, Sam Masters all the way as Theo Pijper made an error allowing Ashley Morris through for third while a barnstorming start from captain Ludvig Lindgren and Lewis Rose made Ricky Wells and Max Clegg look ordinary for and away 1-5 taking the score to 6-12.

Thanks to pure misfortune, that 1-5 was reversed in a shock Heat Five initially well led by Lambert until his bike gave up the ghost at the end of the first lap thanks to his cut-out coming out, and despite reinstating the device it was a Monarchs' max all the way to cut Newcastle's lead to two points.

That lead was cancelled out completely with Masters' win in Heat Six over Newcastle's guest for Steve Worrall, Richie Worrall as Pijper took Hopwood's scalp in a home 4-2 to level the match 18-all, and going into the 10th it was still all square 27-27 as Rose and Lindgren leapt to the front as Pijper's bike gave out, but Masters hit the gas and rounded both Diamonds on the opening lap to again share the heat 3-3.

Edinburgh's Erik Riss led Heat 11 well and won while behind Josh Pickering held second until Lambert soared round him on lap two but got pegged by his own partner Morris, Lambert losing the point again until he flew round Pickering and Morris on the last bend to share the race with the tight match now standing at 33-33.

Rose mis-footed himself on the first bend of Heat 12, but Hopwood clipped the Rose rear wheel with both falling and Rose finding himself excluded from the re-run after the pair took a few minutes to get up off the track, but early reports suggested a possible collar bone injury for Rose (for whom an ambulance was summoned) and a wrist injury for Hopwood.

The rain resumed during the extensive medical break, the weather managing to prolonging the delay, but for Newcastle the declared draw might have been better as Pickering and Wells shot ahead of the pained Hopwood for an easy home 5-1, putting the Monarchs 38-34 ahead.

A Heat 13 home 5-1 left Newcastle needing two reverse maximums to rescue he draw, and despite Lindgren taking Heat 14 well, just pinching the win on the line over Clegg, Bowtell's last left the heat a 3-3 and Newcastle had lost a well-fought and tight meeting finishing late at 10.07pm.

Team manager George English said: "The lads had just the right attitude tonight and got stuck into the Monarchs from the off, but misfortune such as Robert's cut-out problems, the Heat 12 crash and delays didn't help our cause in a match that was well within out capability to win, but at least it proves we are a side still capable of taking away result in a season that has been akin to a famine on the road, just lady luck didn't play her part tonight."

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Edinburgh "Parsons Peebles Monarchs" 49

Sam Masters (c) 2,3,3,2*,3 = 13+1
Theo Pijper 0,1,3,R = 4
Ricky Wells 1,3,3,2* = 9+1
Max Clegg 0,2*,0,2 = 4+1
Erik Riss 2,3,3,3,Fx = 11
Josh Pickering (r) 0,0,0,3,1 = 4+1
Mitchell Davey (r) 3,1*,0,N = 4+1

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 41

Robert Lambert 3,0,2,1,2 = 8
Ashley Morris 1,1,2,1* = 5+1
Lewis Rose 2*,1,2,Fx = 5+2
Ludvig Lindgren (c) 3,2,1*,3,1* = 10+2
Richie Worrall (guest) 3,2,2,0 = 7
Ben Hopwood (r) 2,0,1*,1 = 4+1
Alfie Bowtell (r) 1*,0,1*,0 = 2+2
Last Updated: Fri 14 Jul 2017, 22:32 UK
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Tyne Tweed Trophy

Sunday 22nd October 2017






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