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Newcastle Diamonds v Ipswich Witches
Sunday 9th July 2017, 22:33 UK
The Ipswich Witches took to the Brough Park track last night after a gruelling and thrilling match at Berwick the night before when they won on winners by two points in the last race and were fired up to battle with their hosts the Newcastle Diamonds for more SGB Championship points, and after another 15 heats there were again only two points separating the sides, but the home crowd were celebrating this time.
Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 46
Ipswich "Tru7.com Witches" 44
SGB Championship

It was a match with excitement stamped all over it the away side led by former Diamond's skipper Danny King along with another ex-Newcastle man Kyle Newman not to mention Australian Rory Schlein who and an enviable record on Tyneside shale.

Tight was the prediction and at the end of Heat Four the scores were locked 12-12 with Robert Lambert diving hard under Kyle Newman in Heat One, while Alfie Bowtell was leading the second well until he clipped the second bend fence on the second lap sending himself to the rear in a reversed 2-4 taking the score to 6-6 before Schlein and Steve Worrall took wins in the following heats.

King rectified his error from Heat One and jetted away from the tapes in Heat Five to take a solid win as Ludvig Lindgen battled hard behind Newman but failed to take advantage of a scrappy last bend from the Witch in the 1-5 result, nit helped by Lewis Rose crashing the tapes at the first ask and going off a 15 metre handicap with the Witches now leading by four.

Following a shared 3-3 in the sixth won by Lambert Schlein and Heeps made the best pairs of gates in the match to jet miles ahead of Worrall and Hopwood with the Diamonds pair seemingly getting in each others way with a huge 1-5 going to Ipswich who took their lead to 17-25 and despite a great win by Morris over Newman the 3-3 failed to change the gap.

Rose and Lindgren made amends for their slower start by beating Sedgmen and Greaves with ease in a vital home 5-1 narrowing the gap to 25-29, but a solid race from Schlein over the hard-chasing Lambert in Heat 10 as Heeps held Morris at the back in an away 2-4 extending  the Witches' lead again to 27-33.

King took a heavy purler into the second bend fence in Heat 11 and was duly excluded for his efforts but thankfully walked back to the pits, while in the re-run Worrall hammered in a great win as Newman passed Hopwood off bend two for a 4-2 with Newcastle now only four points behind with four races to go.

Worrall and Lambert, fresh from their World Cup Final in Poland the day before shot from the Heat 13 gate to decimate Sedgmen and Mountain;'s challenge to take another all-important 5-1 which levelled the match again at 39-all, and two races to go.

A nervy Heat 14 saw Lindgren take up the early lead, but with the two Witches backing up behind, it looking as if Greaves threw his rear wheel out too close to Heeps who fell and was then excluded from the three-man re-run in which Lindgren again took the lead to win in a 4-2 that left the match poised 43-41 with one race to go.

Lambert made no mistake at the Heat 15 gate and roared away to take the match winning three points as Worrall battled hard with Schlein and Newman, missing out on a point on the run to the line, but Newcastle had victory 46-44.

Team manager George English said: "Once again this was a great match of speedway and congratulations to all the riders involved as it was a match that could have gone either way but we dug in and pulled out a hard-fought win which was an excellent win for the Diamonds." 

Individual Riders Score Chart

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 46

Robert Lambert 3,3,2,2*,3 = 13+1
Ashley Morris 1,0,3,0 = 4
Lewis Rose 1*,0,3,3 = 7+1
Ludvig Lindgren (c) 2,1,2*,3 = 8+1
Steve Worrall 3,1,3,3,0 = 10
Ben Hopwood (r) 2,0,1,1 = 4
Alfie Bowtell (r) 0,0,0,0 = 0

Ipswich "Tru7.com Witches" 44

Danny King (c) 0,3,Fx,N = 3
Kyle Newman 2,2*,2,2,2 = 10+1
Rory Schlein 3,3,3,2,1* = 12+1
Cameron Heeps 0,2*,1,Fx = 3+1
Justin Sedgmen 1*,2,1,0 = 4+1
Nathan Greaves (r) 3,1*,0,1*,2 = 7+2
Connor Mountain (r) 1,2,1*,1,N = 5+1
Last Updated: Sun 09 Jul 2017, 22:37 UK
Newcastle Diamonds v
Sheffield Tigers
Sun 24 June 2018,  @ 6:30pm UK

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Sunday 17th June 2018





SGB Championship

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