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Newcastle Diamonds v Glasgow Tigers
Sunday 18th June 2017, 22:46 UK
Newcastle's Sapphire Engineering Diamonds made a pretty decent start to last night's SGB Championship macth with the Glasgow Tigers, but they powered up from Heat Seven onwards to become worthy winners of three league points.
Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 43
Glasgow "Allied Vehicles Tigers" 47
SGB Championship

It had previously been billed as Newcastle Diamonds toughest match of the season so far, but when the Glasgow Tigers arrived the Diamonds task had taken a turn for the worse as Steve Worrall had been ruled out with a broken scaphoid picked up in a crash at Redcar the Thursday before, and only rider replacement could cover his rides, effectively weakening the home side.

 However with a super-charged gate from Ashley Morris and Robert Lambert in Heat One to blast ahead of Richard Lawson and Dan Bewley for a home 5-1 while in Heat two's second re-run without the fallen Jack Smith it was Dan Greenwood on his home debut for the Diamonds to led from the start an took a solid win over Tom Perry who passed Ben Hopwood on the second lap in a 4-2 taking the score to 9-3.

Richie Worrall, on his return to Brough made a brilliant start to win Heat Three over a chasing Ludvig Lindgren in a shared 3-3, the same as the fourth won with equal ease by Lambert moving the totals on to 15-9.

Glasgow hauled things back in the fifth with Lawson soaring away of Rose who chased hard after getting round Dan Bewley for a 2-4 taking the scores to 17-13 before the sides exchanges 4-2s in the next two races, won respectively by Lambert then Worrall to keep the gap at only four points, but that was down to two after Bewley mae a massive effort in the eighth to defend his points from the marauding Morris in a 2-4 result.

Heat Nine gave the tightest of finishes from all four rider who had been playing high-speed chess all race, but Summers took the flag after shielding his more inexperienced partner Perry who took second over Lindgren and Rose with the 1-5 putting Glasgow into the lead 26-28.

Lambert destroyed Worall's maximum in a magnificent Heat 10 blasting between both Worrall and Lunna off bend two to shoot off to take a huge win, but with Morris falling a lap later in a shared 3-3 with the Tigers still leading by two points however with Bewley and Lawson taking a huge gate over Lindgren in the 11th they took a straightforward maximum putting Newcastle six behind.

The 12th heat put another two points between the side as Glasgow's Worrall took the win well over Rose and inched his side closer to victory with the scores now 32-40 with three races to go.

Lambert stormed the Heat 13 gate to go very wide round the opening bends and take a massive three points but with Morris behind both Lawson and Summers in a 3-3 than meant Newcastle had to take two 5-1s in the last two heats to take a draw.

Heat 14 saw Lindgren make the gate and lead well over Perry and Lunna but with Greenwood still finding his Brough Park feet the 3-3 share meant the match had gone to Glasgow.

Team manager George English said: "We had stated before the match started that this was the hardest teat of our home record so far this season and so it proved especially with Stevie out of action, but earlier of we held our own pretty well but they took control and we had no, well, not enough answers to combat their challenge."

Individual Riders' Score Chart

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 43

Robert Lambert 3,3,3,3,3,3 = 18
Ashley Morris 2*,1,2,F,0 = 5+1
Lewis Rose 1*,2,2,0,2,2* = 9+2
Ludvig Lindgren (c) 2,0,1,1,3 = 7
Steve Worrall - Rider replacement
Dan Greenwood (r) 3,0,0,0 = 3
Ben Hopwood (r) 1,0,0,0 = 1

Glasgow "Allied Vehicles Tigers" 47

Richard Lawson 1,3,2*,1* = 7
Dan Bewley 0,1,3,3 = 7
Richie Worrall 3,3,2,3,F = 11
Nike Lunna 0,1,1*,1* = 3+2
Aaron Summers (c) 2,2,3,2,1 = 10
Tom Perry (r) 2,0,2*,1,2 = 7
Jack Smith (r) Fx,1*,1,N = 2+1
Last Updated: Sun 18 Jun 2017, 22:55 UK
Newcastle Diamonds v
Redcar Bears
Sun 27 May 2018,  @ 6:30pm UK

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Sunday 20th May 2018





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