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Redcar Bears v Newcastle Diamonds
Thursday 15th June 2017, 22:41 UK
The Newcastle Diamonds went into last night's local derby at the Redcar Bears knowing full well that now is the time to up their game away from home to push for the Play-off positions at the top of the league table.
Redcar "SG Petch Bears" 55
Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 39

They got off to a promising start in a superb Heat One initially set for a 5-1 to Jonas B. Andersen and guest Thomas Jorgensen for the Bears, but first Robert Lambert then Ashley Morris drove hard under Jorgensen on the second lap to share a fine heat, 3-3.

A n untroubled 5-1 to Redcar's Coty Garcia and a second Bears' guest Liam Carr left Ben Hopwood and Dan Greenwood spectating from the rear while third Redcar guest, Ulrich Ostergaard blasted Heat Three to pieces ahead of Newcastle captain Ludvig Lindgren, but with Lewis Rose following Andersen home the 4-2 took the score to 12-6.

Steve Worrall became the first Diamond to win a race in the fourth well from the gate over Ben Barker in the fastest time of 2017 as Carr took another point from Hopwood to share the race before Lambert took the fifth in the same time as Heat Four over Jorgensen and Ostergaard for a second 3-3 leaving the home lead at six points.

Jorgensen continued his upsurge in the match taking three points from Heat Six after a brilliant four laps jousting with Worrall in a 4-2 to push the Bears a further two points ahead, but Garcia again took the win in a home maximum from the gate in the eighth with Andersen over Morris and Hopwood to go dangerously far ahead 30-18, allowing a tactical ride from the Diamonds.

The tactical move didn't emerge until Lambert came out in Heat 11, but Barker's speedy gate left too much work for the young Diamond to do who had to settle for four points in a shared 4-4 result gaining no appreciable benefit with the score now 42-28.

Lambert was back out in front in Heat 13 from the gate to take a solid three points, but his partner, Worrall, took a rare fall on the second lap leaving the heat shared with victory now well out of Newcastle's reach with the score at 49-33 with two heats to go.

All too late Lambert and Lindgren shot from the Heat 15 gate and took a shock 1-5 maximum over Barker and Ostergaard.

Team manager George English had to again look back at defeat, saying: "Again ultimately disappointing tonight. Why our form, especially away from Brough Park, is so patchy is something we cannot put our finger on, but the lads know if we don't start taking good points they those vital play-offs will get out of reach and with the side we have this year we deserve to qualify, but it's in their hands. They need to start winning away from home."

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Redcar "SG Petch Bears" 55

Thomas Jorgensen (guest) 0,2,3,2*,2 = 9+1
Jonas B. Andersen 3,1,1,2*,3 = 10+1
Charles Wright - Rider replacement
Ulrich Ostergaard (guest) 3,1*,2,3,3,0 = 12+1
Ben Barker 2,3,1*,3,1*,1 = 11+2
Coty Garcia (r) 3,X,3,1,2* = 9+1
Liam Carr (guest) (r) 2*,1*,0,1 = 4+2

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 39

Robert Lambert 2,3,4^,3,3 = 15
Ashley Morris 1*,0,1,0 = 2+1
Lewis Rose 0,2,Fx,2 = 4
Ludvig Lindgren (c) 2,1*,1,1,2* = 7+2
Steve Worrall 3,2,3,F = 8
Dan Greenwood (r) 0,0,0,0 = 0
Ben Hopwood (r) 1,0,0,0 = 1
Last Updated: Thu 15 Jun 2017, 22:42 UK
Newcastle Diamonds v
Redcar Bears
Sun 27 May 2018,  @ 6:30pm UK

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Sunday 20th May 2018





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