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Berwick Bandits v Newcastle Diamonds
Saturday 10th June 2017, 01:31 UK
With the match at Berwick saved by the use of track covers protecting from the torrential morning rain - a riveting local derby went ahead against the Newcastle Diamonds, a team desperate for away success while Berwick were again out to continue their run of decent home form.
Travel-sick Diamonds Find Rejuvenated Bandits A Handful

Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) 53
Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 40
SGB Championship

It was the visiting Diamonds who took the early 2-4 lead, but after a second re-run the second because of a fall for Connor Coles on the second bend in a tight move, but in the re-run Luke Ruddick made a brilliant gate to lead with his partner Jye Etheridge taking second in a Bandits' 5-1, a score repeated in Heat Three as David Howe and Dany Gappmaier went outside and in round Lewis Rose off bend two taking the score to 12-6.

Robert Lambert excelled in the fourth to win well over Kevin Doolan in a 2-4 narrowing the gap to four points, which remained the same after solid win for Worrall in Heat Five's share however Nick Morris and Gappmaier shot in and out of Lambert in Heat Six, as Lambert hit the gas and came back round the Austrian for a Berwick 4-2 taking the score to 21-15.

Heat Seven saw Doolan shoot away to lead and win over a hard riding Rose, but behind Ruddick took the point of his life, holding out Lindgren for all four laps in another Berwick 4-2 before Gappmaier and Etheridge combined to hold a solid 5-1 over Morris who was trying everything he could to get past, but the score moved up to 30-18 allowing Lambert to come out in Heat Nine as a tactical ride and his gate meant that from the off he was an easy six points in a 3-6 result getting Newcastle a little closer 33-24.

Morris made a massive pass round the outside of Lindgren off bend four of Heat 10's first lap and held it well to the end in a brilliantly take 4-2 extending Berwick's lead to 11 points, 37-26, again a gap preserved by a 3-3 in Heat 11 won by Worrall giving him a full house from his first three races over Etheridge and Doolan.

A magnificent Heat 12 gate from Etheridge took him to the front, and well shielded behind by Howe who made sure Rose stayed in third despite a spirited chase from the Newcastle man for a 5-1 that clinched the win on the night for the Bandits with the score at 45-30 with three races to go.

Worrall had an incredibly lucky escape when his chain snapped down the home straight while leading Heat 13 and it was by good fortune, the following Lambert had lightning-swift reactions to avoid the slowing Worrall in a 3-3 result.

Newcastle Team manager George English said: "We again had high hopes at Berwick tonight and what we ended up was sheer disappointment and  frustration with two of our lads taking 27 of our 40 points between them. Berwick, to be fair are having a resurgence and that's showing as they are more of a challenge now that earlier in the year, but our continued poor away form didn't help by any means, and it's a situation we have to rectify as soon as possible." 

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) 53

Nick Morris 2,3,3,2,2 = 12
Dany Gappmaier 0,2*,1,3,1 = 7+1
David Howe 3,2,1*,2*,3 = 11+2
Lewis Bridger - Rider replacement (2*,1*,2,3 = 8+2)
Kevin Doolan (c) 2,3,1*,1*,0 = 7+2
Jye Etheridge (r) 2*,1*,N,2*,2,2,3,F = 12+3
Luke Ruddick (r) 3,0,1,N,N = 4
Kieran Douglas (No. 8) Did not ride

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 40

Steve Worrall 3,3,3,R,1 = 10
Ashley Morris 1,0,1,0 = 2
Lewis Rose 1,2,0,1 = 4
Ludvig Lindgren (c) 0,0,2,2 = 4
Robert Lambert 3,2,6^,3,3 = 17
Connor Coles (r) Fx,0,0,0 = 0
Ben Hopwood (r) 1,1,0,1* = 3+1
Last Updated: Sun 11 Jun 2017, 01:33 UK
Newcastle Diamonds v
Redcar Bears
Sun 27 May 2018,  @ 6:30pm UK

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Sunday 20th May 2018





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