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Diamonds lose out in epic last heat decider with Somerset
Monday 5th August 2019, 00:28 UK
Photo: Steve Brock
The Newcastle "Boiler Technical Service" Diamonds had a visit from the high-flying Somerset Rebels last night at Brough Park in a Championship match with the home side boasting a solid top to bottom strength and the visitors putting out a recently changed side, very top-heavy with Nick Morris coming in to join Rory Schlein and Nico Covatti as well as former Grand Prix star Chris Harris in an enthralling affair.
Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 44
Somerset "Cases" Rebels 46
SGB Championship

After four races Newcastle led 13-11 although early star of the night was Morris who roasted to a superb heat one win in the fastest time of the night of 62.0 seconds, only one second outside Kenni Larsen's 2010 track record, in a shared 3-3 over Steve Worrall, while Nathan Stoneman on his first visit to Newcastle, fell three time in his first two races, the second time bringing Heat Four to a halt with the result awarded a 4-2 to the fast gating Thomas Jorgensen over Harris who kept Danny Phillips in third.

After a shared Heat Five, Chris Harris shot between Worrall and Ostergaard off bend two in Heat Six to take up a winning lead in another share with Luke Harris at the rear taking the score to 19-17 before Schein and Covatti lined up in Heat Seven after taking their 1-5 in Heat Three, this time up against Jorgensen and Clegg, and after Clegg led magnificently early on he and Covatti swapped and repassed with the Rebel taking the win in he 2-4 moving the score on to 21-21.

Newcastle went back up into the lead by two with a 4-2 in Heat Eight won well by Ostergaard before in the ninth, Chris Harris whipped under Bjerre off bend four take up a huge lead in the shared 3-3 taking the score to 28-26, but a Schlein/Covatti 1-5 over Worrall in Heat 10 put the Rebels into the lead by 29-31 with five races to go.

Clegg rode a brilliant Heat 11 to gate on Morris and hold the three points to the end of a great race, and with Jorgensen picking up third the 4-2 levelled the meeting once again at 33-all, but Clegg did it again in the 12th to beat Schlein in a vital 4-2, returning the Diamonds into a 2-point lead with three to go.

Unfortunately woeful gating from Worrall and Jorgensen in Heat 13 left the way clear for Morris and Chris Harris to hammer in a Rebels' 1-5 to again return Somerset into a narrow two-point lead, 38-40, but that man Clegg again rescued things in Heat 14 with a great gate to lead and win over his partner Wethers who passed Covatti and Stoneman off bend two taking the score with one to go 43-41.

Worrall and Clegg were up for the home side against Chris Harris and Morris, but it was the Rebel's pair who shot away and held the five points ahead of Newcastle to sneak an away win by 44-46 at the end of the night.

Deputy Team Manager Roy Clarke said: "Our reserves tonight did at least what was expected of them, Danny scored his quota well and Max Clegg was exceptional with his 14 points, unfortunately the fire-power from the upper end of the team, including from the gate, left them lacking and points were not coming, at the critical time."

Individual Riders' Scores:

Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 44

1 Steve Worrall (c) 2,2,1,1,1 = 7
2 Ulrich Ostergaard 1*,1*,3,0 = 5+2
3 Lasse Bjerre 0,1*,2,1 = 4+1
4 Matthew Wethers 1,2,1*,2* = 6+2
5 Thomas Jorgensen 3,0,1,0 = 4
6 Max Clegg (r) 3,2,3,3,3,0 = 14
7 Danny Philips (r) 2*,1,1,N = 4+1

Somerset "Cases" Rebels 46

1 Nick Morris 3,3,2,2*,3 = 13+1
2 Anders Rowe 0,0,0,0 = 0
3 Rory Schlein 2*,1,3,2 = 8+1
4 Nico Covatti 3,3,2*,1 = 9+1
5 Chris Harris (c) 2,3,3,3,2* = 13+1
6 Luke Harris (r) 1,0,0,N = 1
7 Nathan Stoneman (r) 0,Fx,2,0,0 = 2
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2020 Season Ticket application closing date Saturday February 29th
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