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It's Tough At The Top
Saturday 17th June 2017
As we continue to struggle away from home it's our home form that is the saviour at the moment but even that has been severely tested in recent weeks.
Yep, the away performances as a team have not been acceptable of late barring one or two notable and obvious exceptions too many of the guys have struggled away from Brough Park and it shows.

But what does worry me is the amount of criticism and negativity that the "keyboard warriors" are spreading at the moment. The last thing anyone needs if their confidence is low is to have their own fans question their position in the team.

Add in the belief in some quarters that some are not trying and it really adds insult to injury BUT, I have to give a balanced view and whilst my personal opinion is that it doesn't help, I respect fans' right to free speech.

I also acknowledge the fact that they pay good money to support The Club and again this gives them a certain amount of leeway when making their comments.

But, seriously, does anyone really think any of the guys goes out on track and doesn't try? I'll give you two good reasons why that's not an option. Firstly, poor performances means poor pay packets and no rider wants that.

And secondly, speedway is far, far, far too dangerous a sport to take liberties with and to go out on a track where guys are full-throttle around you is a recipe for disaster and no-one wants that.

I also appreciate that there are only a few of us privileged to be in a position to see how hard the guys are working, what they are trying to do and how down they get when things don't go right. No-one wants to finish last and no-one goes out in any race looking for nil points.

So, I urge you all to have your thoughts and feelings but perhaps not be so public about them? What we all need is to rally around and show our support to all the boys and I'm sure that will give them that little bit of confidence they need.

It's the same off-track too. We hear often that The Promotion should do that and The Promotion should do that and why aren't the promotion doing this and that. A simple answer is that they are doing what they can and are working every bit as hard as the riders to put things right.

Again I offer up two views. Firstly I'm privileged to be on the inside not just in speedway but in my other calling too. Believe you me The Promotion works as hard as anyone and believe it or not can see what you see and often agree with you too.

But, secondly, it's not as simple as saying "oh such and such is available we should get him." There are so may factors to take in to account. Does the rider want to come? Is the deal the right one for both parties? What other commitments do they have? Just a few to ponder.

Our Promotion this year has worked as hard as ever. They have had to make some tough decisions and just the other day admitted they might not have made the right ones. After all, we're all human and all make mistakes.

But, like the riders, they do what they do with The Club in their hearts and try to make the best of each and every situation. After all, I can assure you, no-one is more aware than them that this is a business.

Next up for The Diamonds is Glasgow and this will be a severe test of our home record with the side they've got this season. It should be a classic and one not to miss and to me there are three battles to win.

The riders have their battle, the promotion have theirs and you, our fans, have yours on the terraces to win as well. Let's hear that famous Brough roar and let's see if we can tame the McTigers!
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