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Corporate advertising space is available in key locations throughout the Newcastle Speedway official club website.
We offer three different styles of advertising space and a range of positions across the platform, allowing both individuals and businesses alike to select locations which are suitable to them.
LEADERBOARD adverts (728x90) hold prime position at the top of each page, while SKYSCRAPER (160x600) and SIDEBOX (300x300) adverts are located in key positions at the side of the main page content. Space is available on a first come first served basis, and we can design your advert too, if required.
Page/Section Leaderboard Skyscraper Sidebox
Home Page 300.00
Club Info 50.00
News (index) 200.00 80.00
News (all articles) 80.00
Fixtures 50.00 50.00
Results (all pages) 150.00 80.00
Team (all pages) 80.00 80.00
Match Reports (index) 50.00
Match Reports (all articles) 50.00
Blogs (index) 80.00 50.00
Blogs (all articles) 50.00
Statistics 50.00 50.00
Live Updates (all pages) 400.00
Shop (all pages) 200.00 100.00
Ticket Office (all pages) 200.00 100.00
Contact Us 50.00
NSSC Supporters Club 50.00
Advertising is offered on a first come first served basis and all space will remain available until full payment has been received. Spaces will run until the end of the current season. All adverts are to be supplied to us at the correct size in either JPG, BMP or PNG format. Design service available if required at additional cost of 25 per item. Advertisements may be updated or changed during the season if required. Further design charge may apply if a different design is required. We reserve the right to suspend or withdraw any advertisement which is believed by us to be either misleading or offensive, or which URL links to an external website which may cause concern to us or our viewers. In any such instance, no refunds will be issued. We are not responsible for the content of any externally linked website, nor are we responsible for any liability which may arise through any wording or images depicted by an advertiser, or any claim relating to any product or service offered or provided by an advertiser.
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